Fablevision pioneers projects which place culture and public involvement at the heart of community development.  We develop partnerships with community groups to run arts-centred projects that engage people in their local environment, stories, culture and heritage and in wider, cultural planning processes that have a lasting effect on their lives.  Participation in high profile, top quality, creative projects and ventures secures a real commitment to a longer process of sustainable regeneration.

Our Projects

Bridging digital

Bridging Digital is a co-operative European Erasmus project focusing on innovative practices and enhancing the digital skills in the creative and informal education sectors. The partnership consists of four organizations from Greece, Poland, Scotland, and Sweden.

The overall aim is to create a cross-learning between the creative-, the educational- and the technical sectors. The project is a combination of learning digital techniques as well as examining and creating new artistic formats where digital techniques will be an integrated part of the artwork. Cultural projects have key roles in delivering informal learning: particularly at a time when artists and cultural workers must adjust to new demands of producing performances, stage events etc. in a different format, not learned at art schools and not used in the daily work before the entrance of the pandemics into the creative professional life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every aspect of daily life, including the direct communication link between artists and citizens, and the live performances. The postponement or cancellation of artistic events has induced a major crisis to the cultural sector and subsequently to the precarious livelihoods of artists and cultural workers. At the same time the creative sector as well as many of the people lacks knowledge on how to use digital tools in more creative ways, both for teaching and for creating digital art forms that are more interactive and engaging for the audience.


Bridging Digital, an Erasmus+ project, talks about ways in which the innovative use of digital technology and the promotion of digital skills can be applied in the creative and informal education sectors.

Bridging Digital brings together al education sectors.  The partnership consists of four organisation: Intercult (Sweden), the project leader; Fablevision (Scotland); Instytut Kultury Miejskiej (Poland); and Hellenic Adult Education Association (HAEA) – (Greece).

Woven network

For Woven in Govan, our commissioned artists have created work which is inspired by, or represents, the stories and voices of women who are working as carers and/or in healthcare. The artworks also engage with the increased care burden of women during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Woven in Govan is part of the European collaboration Woven Network with Intercult (Sweden) and Platform TU (Ukraine).  Through a fusion of art and community participation, the project examines the role of paid and unpaid female carers through the Covid19 pandemic.


Memory of Water 

The Memory of Water EU project involved European Cities (Govan, Gdansk, Gothenburg, Limerick, Ostend and Levadia), represented respectively by, Fablevision, Nadbaltyckie Centrum Kultury, Intercult, Ormston House, Stad Oostende and Dimos Levadia, explored through art-led participation how post-industrial cities can create liveable communities which respect their heritage against the competing demands of landownership, contested spaces, homogenisation and gentrification.


Riverside Solidarity

Fablevision worked in partnership with the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) to deliver a programme of artists residencies (tsBeall, Ben Parry/Lee Ivett, Andy McAvoy and John Mullen), seminars and learning exchanges as part of the Govan and Gdansk (Poland) Riverside Solidarity Project. Focused on the waterfront heritage of both cities, the year-long project which was run in conjunction with the School of Media, Culture and Society, UWS, centred on the idea of how intangible heritage can influence future development and regeneration.


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