About us

Raising Horizons
Fulfilling Dreams

Fablevision is based in Glasgow with a remit to support the development of Cultural Planning in Scotland.  We fulfill our remit by creating projects that demonstrate the added value of creative approaches in policy and planning: projects that engage, involve, train and provide employment opportunities for the hardest to reach and furthest from the workplace.

Fablevision’s impact, therefore, is principally in employability:

– reaching hard to reach 16–25-year-olds (and older, disadvantaged unemployed people).

– developing skills for employment, planning and policy within marginalised communities.

Fablevision in Action

Fablevision started in 1984 with the launch of an arts and disability project – Birds of Paradise – now in its third decade.  This was followed by place and community-based initiatives such as Royston Road, BoltFM, Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697 and Tapestry of Renfrewshire.  More recently – and still with a distinct local focus – Fablevision has worked with like-minded European organisations on projects which have included: Riverside Solidarity, Memory of Water, Woven Network and Erasmus Bridging Digital.